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Friday, February 12, 2021 National No One Eats Alone Day
An Initiative of Beyond Differences Sponsored by Centene Charitable Foundation

The Centene Charitable Foundation

The Centene Charitable Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Centene Corporation, a healthcare company dedicated to providing coverage to underserved communities and individual members across the United States. The Centene Charitable Foundation is proud to support National No One Eats Alone Day and Beyond Differences in their mission to combat social isolation and build a culture of belonging in schools nationwide.

Centene is dedicated to building strong communities and empowering individuals to take control of their wellness. Programs like National No One Eats Alone Day help middle school students understand the negative impacts bullying and social isolation can have on their emotional and physical well-being. Through presentations and interactive exercises, No One Eats Alone Day teaches students that social isolation can lead to anxiety, depression, obesity, and heart problems, and gives them tools to create a supportive social environment in their own schools. By supporting No One Eats Alone Day, Centene and the Centene Charitable Foundation hope to empower the next generation to build healthy, inclusive communities.

Originally established in 1984 as a nonprofit in Milwaukee, WI, Centene is currently a Fortune 50 company that offers care to over 23 million members, including members served by the Health Insurance Marketplace. Centene takes a local approach to healthcare, working to fulfill the individual care needs of each community it serves. Through the Centene Charitable Foundation, the company forms local partnerships and invests in programs that bring the arts, education, and health to every population regardless of barriers.